Outfit of the day: Prints and Sweaters

(Sweater: Forever21, boots: Asos) 
I haven't updated in awhile but I just haven't been very inspired these past two weeks. It may be due to me just staying at home the whole time working on midterms and not inclined to get dressed. But I was finally finished and decided to get a little color in my life. The "skirt" is actually a dress but the front comes down REALLY low and is unacceptable to wear normally so I just threw on a sweater over it and it made it instantly better. 


Outfit of the day: My Lovely Valentine

(Skirt/shirt: Forever21, sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs) 
So yesterday was Valentine's Day and this is what I wore. Nothing too fancy but just casual and just fancy enough to go out to dinner and hang out during the day with the bf. We had shabu shabu for dinner and went to Dave & Busters at night to play some games. We won enough tickets to get a little mini food processor! Omg I was so excited, I am def going to use that for more baking purposes. I made the bf a peanut butter cheesecake for dessert and a really cool painting and a photo album as a present. Bf totally bought me these gorgeousss flowers to match my headband and brand new Marc Jacobs sunglasses!! Ahhh I love them!! But....I can't find my other Dior vintage ones so this is bad. :/ 


Outfit of the day: Cat rompers and knit

(Shoes: Aldo, romper: random boutique, sweater: Banana Republic, purse: Coach) 

Went to the beach today with some friends and helped with a Valentine's Day project. Haven't put up a post in awhile but it has been beautiful in San Diego. I wear shorts and skirts to school every day while my girlfriend on the east coast is lamenting how her house is again covered in snow. I guess I can say I live the life. However, I have no idea what I'm going to wear on Valentine's Day so that my boyfriend will tell me I'm pretty. Help!? 


Supporting Capitalism

 I had my first midterm of the quarter today and I like to indulge myself a little and just relax afterwards. This always leads me to surf the net searching for various things on my wish list. Like any other girl I dream of the Louboutin heels and Burberry Prorsum biker jackets but today is all about things that I can actually afford and would eventually like to knock off my wish list.

Uhmm...so I don't know if you guys noticed but I've been searching Etsy far and wide for the perfect envelope clutch and these are my favorite so far. Oh not to mention those shoes...I NEED them. Not want...NEED! 
Additionally I want these things below as well! 
(Clockwise: Levi's Modern Demi Curve Skinny Jean, MAC lipstick, The 2 Bandits Rider boot embellishments, YSL Arty ring, UrbanOutfitters Twill Cigarette Pant, Nars Orgasm Blush)


Outfit of the day: White pants and lace

(Pants: Victoria's Secret, top: Target) 
I had an okay day today...I spent the day just hanging out and running errands with my boyfriend. However, I would've gone to my internship had my car not broken down. Well actually the battery died and I had to take my car to the shop so that it could be fixed. It also got an oil change on top of that and so I had to spend yet more money on repairing my car. Sigh* I am going thrift shopping on Friday however with my girlfriend Crystal and I am hoping I'll find some really cool things!! 


Outfit of the day: Blazers and heels

(Dress: Whitley Kros, blazer: H&M, scarf: H&M, shoes: INC, watch: DKNY) 
I have some exciting news! I might be working on a new project with my professor for a new website so keep yourselves updated via my blog about this new website coming out! It was a little chilly today and I actually wore this to school where it was windier than I thought it was going to be but I survived. Afterwards I went to my internship and the heels were appropriate. Some days I wake up feeling like I know exactly what I want to wear because I plan the outfit in my head before I go to bed but sometimes when I try it on it doesn't look quite like I imagined so this was actually my fall back outfit. Oh well...I still think it looks pretty good.