Outfit of the day: Uppers and Lowers

(Boots: Asos, vest: Michael Kors, shirt: Urban Outfitters, scarf/turban: Aldo, purse: Coach) 


So there has been no lack of rain since I've come home which makes me want to post pictures from our LA trip which had LOTS of sunshine. Well anyway, bf and I came up to LA and we went to the Original Farmer's Market in Santa Monica and then figured out that it was basically the Grove. Afterwards, we went to LACMA and it was sooo awesome!! I loved all the exhibits, especially the human nature one and the brush painting at the end of the Korean art exhibit. Oh it was such a nice day out. Afterwards, we met up with my family and they bought us some yummy yummy Korean bbq and I proceeded to head home while my love went back to SD. I am missing him and sun both so hopefully they will be back in my life soon! 


Outfit of the day: A day out in a big bright field

(Dress: acquired from thread show, shoes: Franco Sarto, coat: United Colors of Benetton, socks: Target) 

Looking for somewhere sunny to shoot some pictures but being too lazy to go somewhere, Matt suggested we go to the field at the far end of our campus. The sun was slowly starting to go down but still tons of sunlight left resulting in some nice hazy shots. It was the calm before the storm because definitely the next day, it was pouring cats and dogs. I am now home and it is raining even harder here. I am scared to go outside because of the cold and the crazy winds and rain. I do have some shots from our fun day in LA so hopefully I will get those up soon enough! Until then...I need to go work on my resume so I can get a job after graduation! 


Outfit of the day: Bartenders and turbans

(Boots: Asos, everything else: random stores around San Diego) 
This is the night I went out for Sangria for my girlfriend Amy's birthday. Omg...this little hole in the wall place called Costa Brava has the BEST sangria I've ever had...not that I've had a lot. But it was really good and the tapas were amazing too. It was so nice catching up with friends that I haven't seen in awhile and our bartender was hilarious! He asked us all to draw him and he drew each of us individually too! I'll try to scan the pictures and put them up. All in all it was so much fun!! It being finals week, I was being lazy and just threw on a tee, my leather jacket, and my trusty wear with everything boots. Oh, not to mention...please excuse my sorry to look at hair...I tried to cover it up with a scarf/turban but it still looked quite messy. 


Outfit of the day: Scarves and Amboy

(Boots: Asos, scarf: Aldo, shorts: Hollister, sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs) 
I have arrived back home from Vegas and am now updating my life seeing as how I had no time to do anything but be tired. I didn't manage to take any pictures there because I was so busy working. On the way back from Vegas though, instead of going straight on the 15, we took some crazy back desert roads which cut almost an hour off our drive and made for crazy great photo ops. This was at some place that we stopped to use the bathroom at, with an old abandoned motel, a post office that is probably the size of my room, and nothing but sand and gravel for miles. It'd be quite depressing to live out there but I sure would love to take all my outfit posts out here. Time to go back to sleep!! Exhausted! 


Outfit of the day: Peasant blouses and flared jeans

(Top: loveculture.com, shoes: Franco Sarto via DSW) 
I'm slowly getting better at wearing this whole red lipstick thing. I used to just think it looked awful on me but I think it doesn't look TOO bad. But what do I know? I had these jeans for awhile and I hadn't worn them but since it seems the 70's are coming back I put them on with my new shoes that I bought at DSW. They are seriously sooo comfortable!! I also brought out this top that I haven't worn in forever and then BAM! hippie outfit. I love it...so comfy and chic! Wore it on my drive to Vegas and just snapped these shots right before we left! 


Outfit of the day: Print skirts and backless tanks

(Shirt: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Forever21, boots: Asos, belt: vintage) 
There was a random warm spell in San Diego which made me want to dress all summery but not wear the normal look of cutoff shorts and a tank so I went digging through my closet. This is what I found. I honestly have so many clothes that I can never remember what exactly I have and usually only remember my current favorite pieces but I put this look together and I rather like it. I've always liked things with unique backs so this look was totally WINNING for me! 


Outfit of the day: Red lipstick and faux leather

(Pants: Urban Outfitters, shirt: H&M, purse: Coach, watch: Michael Kors) 
Took the shots inside because by the time I was done with work and errands, the sun had most definitely gone down. I got these pants from Urban Outfitters a little bit ago and I thought I was in love with them, but they are a bit big and the material is not the greatest. Oh well...on the other hand, I got some new Covergirl lipstick in Flame and I really like it! I was afraid to try it before, but I got a little braver and I think I like it. It is a quick fix when you don't want to put on makeup like I do. 


Outfit of the day: Knit and Olive

(Boots: Alfani, tights: H&M, skirt: Forever21, sweater: gift, scarf: thrifted)
Mmm today was chilly! Recently I haven't bought too many things from Forever21 because I used to feel like I would buy things from there and only wear them once or twice and never wear them again. However, this olive skirt is soo amazing and I love it!! I want to wear it all the time!! Also I def love this sweater my mom sent me from her store, also something to wear all the time. I think that as summer gets closer and the weather gets warmer, I'll remove the tights and replace the boots with some cute sandals to wear this as a summery/spring look! 


Outfit of the day: Leather and florals

(Boots: Asos, socks: Target?, rest: given to me by mama, sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs) 

I managed to take some photos really quickly before the sun set so the pictures have that setting sun glow to them. We are starting to formulate plans for spring break and I have so many ideas! Several options but we'll see which one actually ends up taking place! Yayyy!!!