Na Hoku

Yesterday was my 4 month anniversary for my boyfriend and I, which normally to me wouldn't be that big of a deal but at lunch I was presented with these gorgeous earrings from Na Hoku.

I love them but that's a given. Na Hoku is a jewelry store with locations nationwide, specializing in jewelry that has a Hawaiian flare. It originated in Hawaii and has continued to grow bigger and bigger. They have one at our local mall at Fashion Valley. I've actually never gone in but always just peeked in from the outside. They have various collections and while I was looking through the website yesterday, I noticed a trend in things like the custom Hawaiian flowers and slippers that you see on a lot of jewelry from such tourist areas. If you have a chance, you should really check it out!! But I should be writing a paper right now and am severely procrastinating so ttfn! 


Louboutins Spring 2011

Omggg, how amazinggg are these shoes from the Louboutin collection for Spring 2011! 
I want!!!

These heels with the tape measure are super original and cute! 


Threadshow San Diego

I know this was awhile ago but I've been lazy and have just now uploaded these pictures. I didn't take too many from the Threadshow and I should've but these are some shots from the fashion show that I was able to catch.

Extraordinary Desserts

My old roommate invited us out for a little outing at Extraordinary Desserts. This was my outfit. Too lazy to post up the other million pictures while we were there.