Outfit of the day: Santa Monica

Shoes: Franco Sarto, hat: gifted, shirt: Foreign Exchange, belt: ebay

This was our beautiful day in Santa Monica where I went and got the most beautiful skirt which I have yet to unwrap even from it's bag or better yet wear it. On the other hand, I did get a chance to wear this amazing sheer shirt that I bought awhile ago and haven't really had a chance to wear out. Some may say it's kind of scandalous but you know...I like it that way! (In the most innocent way possible, as in showing a little bit of my bra type thing...you know? Don't judge me?) Well anyway, I super like the back on this shirt and I've been living in these jeans because they're super comfy and I am a girl of comfort. Oh and I've spent a good portion of this weekend reading all of the Man Repeller's old posts. She cracks me up...I have not stopped laughing since I started reading. Well off to go pretend study for my finals! Tootles! 


Outfit of the day: What a hippie poser

Shirt: UO, blazer: H&M, shoes: Franco Sarto

Our friend, Mr. Poopy Squirrel 

After my internship last week, we went out to downtown La Jolla to watch the sunset and just walk around. The weather was really nice and it was finally starting to feel like a Socal summer. We made friends with a nice little squirrel. He rolled around for us and ate the flowers that we gave him. His name is Mr. Poopy Squirrel. Don't ask...it just happened. School is coming to a close, next week is the last week of my undergrad career before finals and then graduation! Ahhhh....so crazy!! Mmm...but I am currently in LA visiting my cousins so I'm off now! 


Outfit of the day: Blue stripes and denim

(Dress: Forever21, denim shirt: Target, booties: Steven Madden via DSW, clutch: Aldo)

Faux fur vest: Michael Kors

My school is pretty hilly so wearing heels to school is not an option for me because I am all about comfort. However, I did wear my new Steve Madden booties to school because I figured I had to start somewhere. Super comfy...I think it was a good start. I could do this more often but you know...baby steps. I only started having a makeup routine. You can't expect me to go leaping through hardships! Well..I'm proud of myself at least. Don't judge me! Either way, this was the day before Sun God, a music festival held at our school every year. I watched them set up but unfortunately I have absolutely no pictures of myself on that day. The only ones are of me being tackled and/or flipped by my best friend. Oh well. It was a good day? 


Outfit of the day: the real world

Don't I look so professional? Hah...I started another internship last week and this was what I wore to the first day of work! I felt super old...it means that I'm starting to merge into the real world. It's kind of depressing. I will not be in college forever. I'm only 21 and it's just like my whole world is going downhill from here. Hehe i'm just kidding! I'm rather excited to go into the real world and feel all grown up. I think I've always been a bit older in soul than my real age. My mom even told me that I always dressed older for my age. Hrm..but now it's okay!! 


Outfit of the day: Seaport Village

Sweater/jacket/dress: all c/o of mom, clutch: Aldo, shoes: Steve Madden

After going to the airport to pick up the BF, it was such a nice day out that we decided to go to Seaport Village and be a little touristy. I hadn't been in awhile and it was just nice to be out and look at how pretty a place I live in. We had some appetizers during the happy hour and it was all fun. I've got to start appreciating all the things nearby that in all the 4 years of college I haven't explored yet. Ttfn, heading off to a grad bbq =] 


Outfit of the day: Stroll in the park

Blazer/skirt: Forever21, top: c/o mom!, clutch: Aldo, belt: thrifted

I hope everyone had a great weekend with their moms or if you're like me and live too far away, I hope you sent her something pretty. We took these pictures last week after a nice lunch date. I bought this blazer last week for some job interviews I had and I love the color and it is so comfy. It was definitely a good buy. It was absolutely gorgeous out but typical of San Diego's bipolar weather, it is once again foggy and gloomy. I guess I can't pack up all my winter wear. Starting to take down all my stuff off the walls of my room and wondering how to pack up all my stuff. It's really depressing and kinda stressful at the same time. Not to mention my allergies are going crazy and I constantly have tissues at the ready. Though it's one of my favorite times of the year, it's also one of my least favorite. Maybe the gloom will take away the pollen and dust or something. 


Outfit of the day: Yellow flats

(Flats: Francesca's, top: Forever21, dress/belt: c/o mom!)

I decided to be a little more girly than usual this day because I wanted to wear some color and these were the most colorful things I could find in my closet which I find slightly depressing but I'm working on it. It is spring and basically summer in San Diego so I am trying to find new ways to wear spring/summer clothing without wearing denim shorts every day! I'm starting to pack up all my stuff in my room now to find a new place to live after graduation. It's crazy...I started listening to Graduation by Vitamin C the other day and almost teared up! However, after grad another whole chapter of our life is going to open up and I am excited to see it in! 


Outfit of the day: Stop hating on my turban!

Booties: DSW, shorts: Hollister, shirt: random, turban/scarf: stolen from mom! 

Took a little break from work the other day to go out with the BF and take these pictures. They were at this spot on campus in the International Center and it was so pretty there that I couldn't resist! Oh and I got these booties from DSW and they are so comfy and so perfect for some summer trekking around! Very Kate Hudson inspired. It's pretty much summer in San Diego now...I went kayaking at Mission Bay the other day for a friend's birthday. Yeah...I can do that and wear just a bikini and not be cold!!!!! It was pretty amazing. Not to mention, it was a great workout but it was still fun at the same time! I don't have any pictures because I forgot to take my camera but I wish I had. Well I'm off to continue applying for jobs and studying for midterms because you know...I'm going into the real world soon. EEk!