DSquared2 Spring 2011 Milan Fashion Week

I was looking through Fashion Gone Rogue and I saw their post on the DSquared2 runway show at Milan Fashion Week and I loved it. It is just so clean and edgy at the same time. I don't even know how to describe it so I will just put up some pictures of my favorite looks.



I know this is kinda late but oh man Marchesa's collection at NYFW was just stunning! I always love their collections and wish I could own one of their dresses. Here are some of them that were just stunning!

Two of my FAVORITES above!


Wine Vault and Bistro

Last night, my boyfriend took me to dinner at Wine Vault and Bistro for San Diego Restaurant Week. It gave me an excuse to dress up a little and eat some good food. The food was really good and so was the dessert. I got the chocolate mousse and Matt got the pear tarte tatin. The menu had lots of fancy words on it that I had no idea what they meant but overall it was yummy! I had calamari for an appetizer and Matt got a gezpacho, which apparently is a cold tomato soup...interesting. Then he got the chicken breast and I got the prawns which were both quite delicious. The ambiance was nice and the service was great. Additionally we got a wine pairing and they were pretty good. Afterwards we got some gelato at this place nearby and that was yummy too.


Design It Yourself - a new type of DIY

I was reading earlier on a different blog about websites where you can customize your own shoes/bags/men's shirts and I thought that this was a good thing. I've checked out these websites and they are kind of pricey for a college student on a budget but for those who are willing to splurge a little to have a design that is not quite like everybody else's it is a great idea.
The websites are:
Shoes of Prey

Laudi Vidni

Blank Label

It's quite ingenious.

Day 2 in SF

So it's been a few weeks since I last posted and I really should've posted this sooner but I just got kinda caught up and didn't have motivation or time. But now I start school tmrw and I figure I should do this in my little free time before I am swamped with work. This day in San Fran, we went to the California Academy of the Sciences and ate lunch on the Wharf and then walked over to Ghiradelli Square and got some free chocolate samples. Afterwards we drove to Monterey, where my parents treated us to a lovely sushi dinner and we just crashed at my house because we were just absolutely spent. Well I look frumpy in my picture but that's what I wore that day!
(Cardigan: Barney's, shorts: boutique, shirt: H&M, bag: Mulberry, socks: American Apparel, shoes: Alfani, watch: Michael Kors)


Malted Chocolate Ice Cream

This morning my BF and I drove up to SF for a mini road trip before school started and we have just been eating crap all day!! We met up with a friend of ours and got to go around the city a little bit but we were tired so we just kind of chilled. Ate at this place called Rogue Ale's Public House and then afterwards got some ice cream at this little shop. They had strange flavors like bourbon and cornflakes or brown butter. We're staying at our friend's place in Berkeley so it is not in the city and I like that. It is definitely a little bit windier up here than it is in San Diego and I wish I had packed a little warmer but oh well. Nothing to be done now. San Francisco has such a different city feel to it than San Diego and it's really interesting to see. A little overwhelming but definitely worth the trip to come see. Well here are some pictures.
Beer samplers

Bottomless mimosas at 4:30 in the pm. 


Fall is coming!

Well, I live in San Diego so my definition of fall is a little different from other people's definitions of fall. It is definitely a little warmer here and will be warmer for a little longer than other places like my hometown of Monterey. However, I do love all the fall looks coming and I want to be able to layer up like everyone else in a slightly colder climate. These are the outfits that I do wish to adorn myself with in the upcoming months and weeks.



This weekend I went up to LA to visit with my cousins and see some friends I hadn't seen in awhile. My cousin and I went to Bottega Louie to get some macaroons and while there took some lovely photos. The macaroons were so delicious! Also super colorful...I wish I could've gotten one of each.

(Dress: Whitley Kros, Vest: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors, Headband: Asos, Bag: Mulberry)