Outfit of the day: Pleatsssssssss

(Blazer: Instyle, dress: Entry) 

(Boots: H&M) 

I'm sitting here typing this as I listen to Skrillex and my younger cousin lip syncs to it....it's really quite amusing and has probably made my day. Waiting out my day until I get to eat some tomato soup and grilled cheese later while baking cookies! I'm such a good mother to my boys on the tennis team. =] 


Outfit of the day: High-waists and mustard

Hello world! Fall has started to slowly creep up on San Diego but it is not enough to make me go put on all my scarves and coats quite yet. It is definitely still warm enough here to walk around in shorts all day, every day. This is probably why I decided to go to school here and live here afterwards too. I would write more but I am up to my eyes in job applications and other work I have to do. So toodles!