Outfit of the day: Red shorts and crazy hair

Shorts: Target, shoes: NYC Inc., tank: Urban Outfitters

Ring: YSL Arty Ring gifted 

This was the day after graduation, with all my hair and makeup still partially intact. I was too tired to take it off the night before! I was being lazy? Sue me? I'm kidding, but don't judge me? Anyhow, at this point I don't even remember what I did the day after graduation but I do know I slept in until VERY late. Once again, being lazy. On a side note, I got this beautiful YSL Arty ring that I had been lusting over for ages as a graduation gift. I am sooo in love with it!! New favorite jewelry forever!! Well I still have tons of errands to run before my photographer runs off forever and I don't have anyone to help me move stuff anymore! Tootles! 


Outfit of the day: Graduation!

One of my absolute best friends that I have met from the very first day of college, including orientation

Cap/Gown: c/o UCSD!!, heels: Sam Edelman, dress: Asos

My lovely parents! What would I do without them!! 


My familia! 

My family that came out to grad for me! LOVE YOU ALL!

Oh hayyy, thank you Crystal Shei for the lovely flowers and Andrew Hsieh for battling crazy people to get there.

My favorite aunt! 


My mama, my hero, and my biggest inspiration. I love you! 

My girl talk biatch! 

Oh Jefe...

Scooter! Keep an eye out for this guy, he's going to make it big in the music industry one day!!
Scooter Oyama
Love this girl! She's going to be my muse for a future project coming up! 

Dinner at Roy's

I've done it guys!! Well I did about a week and a half ago but I still did it! I graduated from college and I couldn't have done it without all the support from my friends and family. I love them all so much! That chapter of my life has now closed but all the people who have influenced me and that I've met along the way are forever. I am so thankful for everyone who has been there to support me and really push me to do the best that I could. I can now just use those lessons learned to really make something of myself and go forth and make my dreams come true! Thank you!! But until then, time to find a job to fund my dream hunting! Tootles! 


Outfit of the day: Out in the courtyard

Sandals: Aldo, romper: Shopbop, vest: H&M

So it has been about a week after graduation and I finally found a place to live but not a place to work =[ Therefore, I'm doing my best to find a job and I am also made a commitment to myself to really start working out more often and eating more healthy. I also need to find myself a new photographer soon!! Mine is leaving =[ Oh nooo!! Sad day, oh well. I must also start making some preparations for this departure. I have a care package to put together!! 


Outfit of the day: Meet me on the train tracks

Sandals: Aldo, dress: Foreign Exchange, blazer: H&M, clutch: Aldo

These pictures were taken when I got back from visiting the cuz's in LA. We went to this great pizza place right next to the train station called Pizza Port. It has got to be one of the best pizza joints in town! Afterwards, we took a little stroll down to the train station where it was nice and scenic. This dress is a little dressier but if I put on a nice jacket over it, then it can substitute as just another LBD! I have finally graduated from college and am now on the perpetual job search that is real life. Wish me luck! I am off now to also find myself another apartment. Wheeeee!! 


Outfit of the day: Wurtzkuche

Dress: random boutique??, shirt: vendor on campus, shoes: Franco Sarto, belt: thrifted, clutch: Aldo

Yay for no eyes!! Whooooo

This was my outfit for my full day out in LA while visiting my cousins during their one weekend off...sorta. Either way, it was a fun time and I was able to relax some and just do some catching up that I hadn't done in a long time. These pictures were taken in Little Japan which according to my cousin is aka hipster town. We went there to eat at this whole in the wall joint called Wurtzkuche which sold something along the lines of "gourmet" hot dogs or really rad flavors if you will. For example, we got the alligator and pork hot dog...adventurous but not so much that I was going to get the rattlesnake one. That sounded kinda scary. But afterwards, I wanted to take some pictures in the surrounding area and then subsequently got locked out of the car. Therefore, while waiting for Triple A to come save us we took the time to take these, and by we I mean a laughing me, and a not so laughing/irritated but kinda humored? cousin.