Outfit of the day: Lace and the Getty

(Boots: Asos, shirt: random vendor, cardigan: found at home, purse: Coach) 
Our friend James came to visit us from Vegas and so we decided to take a little day trip up to LA for the day. As a result, we ended up going to the Getty Museum, which none of us had ever been to. It was really nice and the weather was perfect. The city skyline from the Getty was also gorgeous to see. However, it was a little windy and got chillier as the day progressed so I am definitely glad I wore my leggings and a sweater because otherwise I would've been freezing!! I knew it was going to be a little chilly but I sooooo wanted to wear this shirt I got during the vendor fair at my school last week. It is lace in the front and back and I love that kind of thing. I wore my cheetah print bra under to be a little scandalous but it was no big deal. 


Outfit of the day: Trenches and Courdoroy

(Trench: Gap, shirt: Urban Outfitters, wedges: random vendor, shorts: vintage, hat: gift)
Originally I was going to pair this outfit with some oxfords to go to class because I don’t like to go to school in heels since our campus is really hilly but I decided to skip class and go straight to my internship instead where wearing heels was absolutely acceptable. It made me rather happy. Not to mention these wedges are by far the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever worn in my ENTIRE life. No kidding.


Outfit of the day: Peaches and cream!

(Boots: Asos, dress: Charlotte Russe, shirt: vendor, bracelets: Forever21)
I didn't update yesterday because I spent the day lazing around with the bee eff who came back into town after his little venture. We did some grocery shopping and finally watched Black Swan. Oh man, it was intense! I'm so glad I don't live in such a competitive environment in terms of mentality, physical, and technique. So stressful! 


Outfit of the day: Stripes and Navy

(Vest: H&M, shirt: Forever21, watch: Michael Kors, skirt: Cotton On)
So my injury in my foot is getting worse by the day and it is getting increasingly more difficult to walk. I will get that checked out soon. It was a lot colder today than I thought it was going to be and I didn't put on enough clothes so I was kinda cold but it's okay. The bee eff comes back tomorrow so I am excited!! 


Outfit of the Day: Cargo pants and denim

(Pants: Arden B, shoes: thrifted, bracelet: vintage, watch: Michael Kors, shirt: Foreign Exchange, jean jacket: thrifted, necklace: random boutique)
So I am looking like a hot mess this morning because I didn't have time to dry my hair or do anything. I had to take the bee eff to the airport this morning so he could fly to do important things in far off cities. In the meantime, I have this strange and excruciating foot pain that appeared out of nowhere and I need to make an appointment to get that checked out. Off I gooo...


Outfit of the day: Feeling preppy

(Shorts: H&M, shoes: Forever21, watch: Michael Kors, shirt/sweater: from mom, sunglasses: Dior)
So today is the second day of me trying to keep up more regularly with my blog. I took this picture really quickly in my bf' bathroom before going out for lunch so it's not great quality but the day before I took it with my Mac so the picture quality wasn't much better heh. I'll start taking better pictures but first I must get into the habit of taking pictures. Well anyhow This was just my lazy day outfit for a gorgeous day in San Diego. I love that we just kind of skipped winter altogether and the sun is out and shining every  day!! 


Outfit of the Day: Military Jacket

(Dress: urban, belt: random store, jacket: H&M) 
I got lazy this morning so I threw together a LBD outfit with a belt and a military jacket that I bought and still think is uber cute but never find a reason to wear. So I figured I would try out this new thing where every day I try to bring things out of my closet that I never wear and incorporate them into my outfit so I won't have spent money on them for no reason. But the other day, I bought new faux leather pants from Urban and I'm hoping they are on their way! 


Gee it's been forever.

So it is the new year and I haven't put out a post for almost two months. That's awful. Well, last week my cousin came to visit me before she had to start school the next day. We went out by La Jolla Shores and it was a beautiful day. Smelled like fresh ocean and the sun was shining all day. This was my outfit for the day. I do hope to keep up with blog more often as a New Year's resolution but how many of us actually keep with those right? I'll try at least!

(Boots: Asos, Socks: Target, Leggings: boutique, skirt: Forever21, belt: thrifted, shirt: Forever21, cardigan: from mom)