Outfit of the day: tennis skirts

(Shirt: c/o Mom, skirt: Wilson tennis skirt, shoes: H&M, watch: Michael Kors, purse: Alexander Wang)

It has been quite awhile since I've put up a blog post and I so apologize. I have just had kind of a lack of inspiration lately and I am now putting one up because my girlfriend told me I had to. So here we go! I went home for a couple of weeks in September to kind of relax and also help out my parents here and there with their business. While there, I found this old tennis skirt that my mom wore when she played tennis and it was perfect to turn into a pleated skirt! I can just wear it every day like it was made to be that way. Those old ladies back in the day knew what they were doing when they made these to be tennis skirts! 


  1. omg stella! I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! and i love how you did your makeup! you look gorgeous. and i'm obsessed with your skirt. you inspired me to try on my old cheer skirt, didn't really work (mostly because it was too small haha) but i love how you coordinated this outfit! <3



thanks for commenting. =]
love you guys!!

stella =]