Outfit of the day: Going through the gardens

(Shoes: Ebay, shirt: H&M, leather jacket: Kaiya Boutique in Westwood)

So I found this amazing DIY post on how to make this hex nut bracelet and it is definitely one of my new favorites!! If you guys get the chance, google it and try to make it yourself! It's a little difficult, probably because I have two left thumbs but if you're super crafty, it would be perfect! This was the first day of my supposed new "makeup routine" and I put on too much blush...hehe rookie mistake. It was hard because there is not a lot of light in my bathroom so I couldn't see very well. These pictures were taken at the gardens that are surrounding this huge Mormon church in La Jolla and its so pretty there but I do feel a little funny walking around it. Anyhow...I have about 6 weeks left til graduation and I am starting to freak out!! I need to find a job, a place to live, and just so many other things in life! Wish me luck! 


  1. i love ur delicate blouse,
    I shall be visiting ur blog again as its just soo lovellyyy :)



  2. You look so lovely. I really like all your accessories!

  3. Love the entire outfit, simple but very chic!!!

  4. i really enjoy reading this post. love your accesories and cute jacket!


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