Outfit of the day: Out in the courtyard

Sandals: Aldo, romper: Shopbop, vest: H&M

So it has been about a week after graduation and I finally found a place to live but not a place to work =[ Therefore, I'm doing my best to find a job and I am also made a commitment to myself to really start working out more often and eating more healthy. I also need to find myself a new photographer soon!! Mine is leaving =[ Oh nooo!! Sad day, oh well. I must also start making some preparations for this departure. I have a care package to put together!! 


  1. I love this outfit. Cute sandals. Love your blog and now follow you.
    Maybe you can take a look at my blog :)


  2. I really like this look. It's very simple but so chic! Congrats on the graduation and good luck with job hunting! I am sure you ll find something very soon :)


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