Malted Chocolate Ice Cream

This morning my BF and I drove up to SF for a mini road trip before school started and we have just been eating crap all day!! We met up with a friend of ours and got to go around the city a little bit but we were tired so we just kind of chilled. Ate at this place called Rogue Ale's Public House and then afterwards got some ice cream at this little shop. They had strange flavors like bourbon and cornflakes or brown butter. We're staying at our friend's place in Berkeley so it is not in the city and I like that. It is definitely a little bit windier up here than it is in San Diego and I wish I had packed a little warmer but oh well. Nothing to be done now. San Francisco has such a different city feel to it than San Diego and it's really interesting to see. A little overwhelming but definitely worth the trip to come see. Well here are some pictures.
Beer samplers

Bottomless mimosas at 4:30 in the pm. 

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