Day 2 in SF

So it's been a few weeks since I last posted and I really should've posted this sooner but I just got kinda caught up and didn't have motivation or time. But now I start school tmrw and I figure I should do this in my little free time before I am swamped with work. This day in San Fran, we went to the California Academy of the Sciences and ate lunch on the Wharf and then walked over to Ghiradelli Square and got some free chocolate samples. Afterwards we drove to Monterey, where my parents treated us to a lovely sushi dinner and we just crashed at my house because we were just absolutely spent. Well I look frumpy in my picture but that's what I wore that day!
(Cardigan: Barney's, shorts: boutique, shirt: H&M, bag: Mulberry, socks: American Apparel, shoes: Alfani, watch: Michael Kors)

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