Outfit of the day: My Lovely Valentine

(Skirt/shirt: Forever21, sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs) 
So yesterday was Valentine's Day and this is what I wore. Nothing too fancy but just casual and just fancy enough to go out to dinner and hang out during the day with the bf. We had shabu shabu for dinner and went to Dave & Busters at night to play some games. We won enough tickets to get a little mini food processor! Omg I was so excited, I am def going to use that for more baking purposes. I made the bf a peanut butter cheesecake for dessert and a really cool painting and a photo album as a present. Bf totally bought me these gorgeousss flowers to match my headband and brand new Marc Jacobs sunglasses!! Ahhh I love them!! But....I can't find my other Dior vintage ones so this is bad. :/ 

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