Outfit of the day: Bartenders and turbans

(Boots: Asos, everything else: random stores around San Diego) 
This is the night I went out for Sangria for my girlfriend Amy's birthday. Omg...this little hole in the wall place called Costa Brava has the BEST sangria I've ever had...not that I've had a lot. But it was really good and the tapas were amazing too. It was so nice catching up with friends that I haven't seen in awhile and our bartender was hilarious! He asked us all to draw him and he drew each of us individually too! I'll try to scan the pictures and put them up. All in all it was so much fun!! It being finals week, I was being lazy and just threw on a tee, my leather jacket, and my trusty wear with everything boots. Oh, not to mention...please excuse my sorry to look at hair...I tried to cover it up with a scarf/turban but it still looked quite messy. 


  1. I loove your boots! and turbans are definitely fun to throw on for bad hair days ;)


  2. how did you get the turban to stay on??!

  3. hrmm...i wrapped it really tight. lol but really...i just wrapped it really tight.


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