Outfit of the day: Uppers and Lowers

(Boots: Asos, vest: Michael Kors, shirt: Urban Outfitters, scarf/turban: Aldo, purse: Coach) 


So there has been no lack of rain since I've come home which makes me want to post pictures from our LA trip which had LOTS of sunshine. Well anyway, bf and I came up to LA and we went to the Original Farmer's Market in Santa Monica and then figured out that it was basically the Grove. Afterwards, we went to LACMA and it was sooo awesome!! I loved all the exhibits, especially the human nature one and the brush painting at the end of the Korean art exhibit. Oh it was such a nice day out. Afterwards, we met up with my family and they bought us some yummy yummy Korean bbq and I proceeded to head home while my love went back to SD. I am missing him and sun both so hopefully they will be back in my life soon! 

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  1. Love this outfit, so cool! Great style, doll :)
    Love your blog, definitely a new follower!


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