Outfit of the day: Scarves and Amboy

(Boots: Asos, scarf: Aldo, shorts: Hollister, sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs) 
I have arrived back home from Vegas and am now updating my life seeing as how I had no time to do anything but be tired. I didn't manage to take any pictures there because I was so busy working. On the way back from Vegas though, instead of going straight on the 15, we took some crazy back desert roads which cut almost an hour off our drive and made for crazy great photo ops. This was at some place that we stopped to use the bathroom at, with an old abandoned motel, a post office that is probably the size of my room, and nothing but sand and gravel for miles. It'd be quite depressing to live out there but I sure would love to take all my outfit posts out here. Time to go back to sleep!! Exhausted! 

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